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Care for injured wildlife

Orphaned and injured wildlife are often brought into our practices, and we are always happy to help animals in need. Remember you can call Wildcare in an emergency if you have found injured wildlife.

Care for Injured Wildlife

Wildcare have a hotline for wildlife emergencies – (07) 5527 2444

When do animals need rescuing?

Not all animals need rescuing! For example, sometimes birds will forage for food and leave their young behind. If an animal is not injured and not in immediate danger, just keep a watchful eye on it until its parent returns. Moving a baby bird can be very damaging to its health if it’s not completely necessary. If in doubt, call us or Wildcare for advice.

Injured marsupials

Make sure you check the pouch of any injured marsupial (kangaroo, wallaby, possum, koala, wombat) you find, as baby marsupials have been known to live for as long as several days after their mother’s death. Don’t remove the baby from the teat as this can damage the baby’s mouth – if possible, please bring the mother and baby intact to the nearest vet or call your local wildlife organisation.

Collecting injured animals

Use a towel or blanket to pick up small animals – just place the blanket over the animal, including its head, and bundle it up carefully to avoid being scratched or bitten. Place the animal in a cardboard box along with the blanket – don’t forget to put ventilation holes in the box! You can transport this box in your car, but make sure the box is secured so it doesn’t slide around, the animal is not exposed to exhaust fumes, and the box is closed tightly so the animal can’t escape.

If you’re unable to transport the animal to a carer immediately, make sure the animal is kept in a dark, warm place that is as quiet as possible – native animals can die from stressful situations.

DO NOT offer the animal food or water as feeding an animal in shock can be fatal.

As soon as you can, bring the animal to the nearest vet or contact your local wildlife rescue organisation.

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