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Pet Surgery

Our practice is extremely well equipped to perform most soft-tissue and orthopaedic procedures. We are experienced in common procedures such as routine desexings, but are also proficient in more difficult orthopaedic procedures such as cruciate ligament replacement and fracture repairs.

Pet Surgery at Tamborine Mountain, Yarrabilba, Canungra and Pimpama City Vets
We perform a wide range of surgical procedures at our clinics, including soft tissue & orthopaedics. Each practice has a treatment room where patients are anaesthetised and prepped for their procedure and a separate dedicated operating theatre where the sterile operations are carried out. During surgery your pet will be closely observed by a highly trained anaesthetic nurse, using the latest monitoring equipment. All patients receive a pre-med after they are admitted, which includes a sedative and pain relief. The comfort and well-being of your pet is extremely important to us so all patients receive intravenous fluids before, during and after the procedure to help them pets recover from general anaesthesia more quickly.

In addition to a pre-operative physical examination we also offer a pre-anaesthetic blood screen to all patients prior to undergoing a general anaesthetic. This blood test measures liver & kidney values, important organs as they are responsible for removing anaesthetic agents from the blood stream. If abnormalities are detected we may adjust your pets protocol or in some cases delay it.

Most procedures involve hospitalisation for the day, however some more complicated surgeries may require the patient to be hospitalised overnight so that continuous pain relief can be administered.

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