Pet Grooming and Clipping

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Google Maps location for Tamborine Mountain Vet Surgery

Tamborine Mountain Vet Surgery
24 Main Street
North Tamborine
QLD 4272

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07 5545 2422
07 5545 2627

Canungra Veterinary Surgery
Pine Rd & Franklin St
QLD 4275

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07 5543 5622
07 5543 4037

Yarrabilba Veterinary Hospital
Adler Cct
QLD 4207

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07 3180 3096

At Tamborine Mountain Vet Surgery and Canungra Vet Surgery we offer a complete grooming and clipping service for both dogs and cats, plus we have hydrobath facilities at all three of our locations. If you'd rather do it yourself, visit the brand new DIY hydrobath at Yarrabilba Vet Hospital. 

Grooming your pet is about more than just making them look pretty - a clean pet is a happy pet! That’s why our professional pet groomers in the Gold Coast Hinterland take the time and care to gently and effectively groom dogs and cats of all sizes and breeds. Even the most nervous and excitable pets can be handled by our expert dog groomers. Call us at Tamborine Mountain or Canungra to make an appointment for your pet.

Grooming is important for:

  • keeping our pets comfortable
  • allowing our pets stay cool in the hot summer months
  • helping us detect deadly paralysis ticks

For those animals that find the the trip to the hairdresser stressful, we offer sedation. The fee for grooming also includes a hydrobath, blow-dry and nail trim.