Laser Therapy

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Tamborine Mountain Vet Surgery
24 Main Street
North Tamborine
QLD 4272

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07 5545 2422
07 5545 2627

Canungra Veterinary Surgery
Pine Rd & Franklin St
QLD 4275

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07 5543 5622
07 5543 4037

Yarrabilba Veterinary Hospital
Adler Cct
QLD 4207

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07 3180 3096


Laser Therapy in Action

Laser therapy is an exciting new therapy in veterinary practice. Laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses light to stimulate cell regeneration and increase blood circulation. Although this treatment has been used in Europe and America for over 10 years, it is an emerging technology in Australian veterinary medicine. Laser therapy is useful in treating a variety of conditions, including musculoskeletal disorders (especially arthritis), neurological pain, tendon and muscle injuries, reducing post-surgical swelling, and accelerating wound healing. We have seen excellent results over the last 12 months with our laser unit.