5 Tips For Bathing Your Dog At Home

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dog bath

If you're not able to make it into Tamborine Mountain or Canungra Vets for full service washing and grooming, or to Yarrabilba Vet Hospital to use the DIY hydrobath, you're left with washing your dog at home. Here are our top tips to help you to face this challenge!

1. Choose the right shampoo - never use human shampoo (even baby shampoo) as it's the wrong pH for your pooch. If your dog is itchy, oily or has sensitive skin, we can recommend the most suitable shampoo for your dog.

2. Pop some cotton wool in your dog's ears to prevent any water sneaking into the canal - don't forget to take it out after you've finished.

3. Provide a non slip surface - put a towel on the bottom of the bath, or a non slip mat to help your dog feel more secure and prevent slipping.

4. Place a towel over your dog to prevent water going everywhere when the inevitable shake occurs.

5. Jam some steel wool in the plug hole to catch the wet fur and make cleaning up easier.

If you need any more information about bathing your dog you can always ask our professional Tamborine Mountain & Canungra dog groomers for help - or pop in to Yarrabilba to use the DIY hydrobath. We'll even make sure your dog is clean enough to sleep in your bed!

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